Get More Room in Your Dumpster

Get More Room in Your Dumpster

Count on our team with a commercial trash compactor in Shreveport, LA and all of N.W. Louisiana

When your dumpster fills up quickly, you don't have to get a second dumpster. You can crush what's in your current one with a commercial trash compactor. Dumpster Stomper offers trash compactor services in Shreveport, LA and all of N.W. Louisiana.

You can hire us to assist your company in any industry, including:

Food service

Our commercial trash compactor can compress all kinds of trash, including construction, warehouse and green waste. Hire our team right away to free up space in your dumpster.

See how our services work

You don't have to hire us with nothing more than an online description to inform your decision. You can watch a free demonstration of our trash compactor services to see exactly what we do. Our team easily compacts trash in open-top dumpsters on residential and commercial properties throughout the area. Call 318-519-6054 now to schedule a demonstration.